Oh, Canada! Where Can I Buy A Weighted Blanket in Toronto?

Top Weighted Blankets for Torontonians

1. Namaste Weighted Blanket

If you are looking for a blanket that will supercharge your sleep, then Namaste weighted blankets are what you are looking for. These weighted blankets help relieve anxiety and negativity one faces in day to day activities. They are also good at eliminating high-stress levels.

With pressure touch technology to help you increase your serotine levels, Namaste blankets are the best even when it comes to doctors recommendation.
Buy yourself a Namaste blanket and your sleeping pattern will be fixed even without your knowledge.

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2. Dream hug weighted blankets

These weighted blankets are designed in a way that they never bunch. This technology allows the weight of the weighted blanket to be evenly distributed all over your body.

They also give you a hugging feeling in such a way that your body thinks it is being hugged. This helps in relaxing your nervous system, increasing your mood thus you sleep better and a happy person

The best deal of the dream hug weighted blanket is that they give you a free trial of 30 days. Well, what more can you ask for?

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3. Hush weighted blankets.

Hush blankets are not like ordinary blankets but rather more of a companion. This is the blanket you need when you feel like the world is crushing on you. When you need relaxation, all you need is to wrap you’re the blankets around you and you will feel like a loved one is giving you a hug.

This weighted blankets are good for a faster and deeper sleep. Hush blankets give you free 99 days free trial of their blankets after which they refund your cash in case you don’t like it.

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DaZi weighted blanket.

If you are looking for a custom made weighted blanket, then DaZi blankets are the best.
They are made of high-quality cotton making them soft and polyester which is durable to ensure they last long.
Unlike other mass-produced blankets, this is the best if you want to go for something unique.

Honorable mentions

Hippo hug weighted blankets

They make the blankets according to your lifestyle, unlike other blankets which assume on eweighted blanket fits all your needs.
With a special weighted disk, these blankets give a special touch. This blanket is washable by machine if you follow the instructions given.
The special weight reduces wear and tear of the blankets making them more durable.

Snuggable weight blanket

They are made with a technology that gives you a deep pressure touch. This pressure reduces chronic stress while reducing your anxiety level.
It also gives you better sleep by increasing melatonin levels that improve your mood.

With all this helpful information you can’t go wrong when buying a weighted blanket. Visit the above store’s website to learn more about their weighted blanket

What You Should Look For

The process of finding a good place to buy your weighted blanket in Toronto can be overwhelming. Weighted blankets are available in large numbers and all over. Probably wondering where can I buy a weighted blanket in Toronto? Below is a review of the best places that one can buy a weighted blanket in Toronto. Be assured of the best price and quality.

Before buying that weighted blanket, here are some factors that you should consider.


A good weighted blanket should provide calming and therapeutic effects and it should not crush you. Go for a blanket that is 10% of your weight. This will assure you of your safety. You can consult a doctor if unsure.


When it comes to a weighted blanket, you don’t need something that covers the whole bed. Go for something that will cover your whole body.


Weighted blankets come in different fabrics. From soft cotton to minky dot. Go for a fabric that will suit your preference and taste. Also, go for something that will give you more comfort.


Since weighted blankets are available in different places, consider your budget first before buying. Don’t go for expensive ones and bankrupt yourself in the process. Depending on your needs, you will find a good weighted blanket that fits your budget plan.


Enquire if the blanket you are buying is possible to wash at home. some Weighted blankets will require special dry cleaning because of their weight and fabric. It’s good to know if you will incur additional costs when you buy your weighted blanket.


Go for a weighted blanket that is made of high-quality materials. This means that it will last you longer and saves you money.

know that you are aware of what to look for in a weighted blanket, here are some best place you can get the best weighted blanked in Toronto

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