10 Things You Need In Your Dorm Room

Life in a dormitory can be difficult if you don’t know to organize your stuff smartly. With limited space, you are most likely to face the challenge of picking the most essential stuff to make your life comfortable. Here we mention 10 things one must have on the packing list before moving into dorm room to start a new life.

1. Under-bed storage

Dorm rooms are notoriously small, and often clumsy. To increase the available space for living freely, you definitely need an under bed storage. You can keep all of your common belongings like dress, cheap electronics, unused items safely without the fear of losing them.

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2. Plugin fan

Dorm rooms can get hot, especially in the summers. Plug in fans will cool you down to some extent. These are really easy to install and work with. What’s great is being small in size, you can even carry them outdoors.

3. Coat rack

Coat racks, also known as coat hangers, are a great way to hook your coat without sacrificing the smoothness. Folding them or stocking them in a cupboard often results in wrinkles.

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4. Trash can (big)

Dorm rooms on most cases are on shared basis with a lot of young population around. Food, games, shopping are common. This often means more garbage and disposables to deal with. A big trash can be really helpful to get rid of the garbage and keep your room clean.

5. Desk lamp

Desk lamp is a bare dorm room essential. It is said to increase concentration while studying. You can study all night long without worrying about disturbing your roomies’ sleep.

6. Shower caddy

Why carry your toiletries and bathroom essentials like toothbrush, face wash, soap and all everywhere? Store them in the bathroom itself with a shower caddy. This way you will have everything within your reach when showering.

7. Clothing hamper

It helps to keep your dirty or used clothes which need to be cleaned in a single place withoutmixing with the tidy ones. This improves tidiness and keeps you organized in your dormitory. As these are small, they won't take up too much space.

8. Power strip

With multiple people sharing a single large room, shortage of electrical plugs is a common scenario. Moreover, the circuit outlets are often located in some far corners, making it inaccessible to everyone. That's where a power strip comes in. It contains multiple plugs and can be placed in the middle of the room making your tech life much easier and less stressful.

9. Hanging shelf organizer

Hanging shelf organizers can be extremely beneficial in keeping your stuff organized in a simple and tidy manner. As these can be hung, they won't consume any floor space either. They can be used to store your books, appliances, or anything you can think of.

10. Storage drawer

There is no denying that shelves and racks are useful, but they don't provide privacy. To store your personal belongings which you may not want to share with others, use a storage drawer. They are the safest place in a dorm room to keep all your essential and valuable belongings. While there are many other dorm room essentials you can own, these will satisfy most of your storage and organizing requirements.


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